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Hell on earth! I only want to track an object using OpenCV computer vision.

I plug 4 webcams into a single PC (2 webcams on the front USB, 2 on the rear). I use PyMovieStudio to record a plastic ball bouncing in amongst a plant and robot and Dude. If I can get the coordinates of the ball in each webcam shot I can muse its 3D positioning.

But a damn bug has infiltrated the software proceedings.

There it is!


Caught within the object tracking crosshairs. A flea or mite of some description. A pest.

Coordinates of bug in webcam 1: x=380 y=427

The other camera angles of frame 58 do capture the ball as it bounces and rolls across the floor:


Coordinates of ball in webcam 2: x=337 y=296


Coordinates of ball in webcam 3: x=233 y=385


Coordinates of ball in webcam 4: x=396 y=343

But the damage is done, as the video testifies:

The insect has tossed a spanner in the works. And being a pacifist, I can not bring myself to lay down poison.

Maybe tomorrow I will try again. Sleep now.

A sip of black fruit and forget.