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Arkwood said. Missed. He said.

‘I missed my train,’ Arkwood said. Stutter.

‘Why? Are you in love with its steel wheels?’ Oh, my wit.

No, he missed his train because his alarm clock it broke.

‘Try mine,’ I suggested. I designed it in Blender, the 3D creation suite.


And I chucked it in my virtual world.


Arkwood put on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and used the Oculus Touch controllers to stroll up to the clock.

‘What the hell!’ he exclaimed, ‘the virtual clock is broken too. It always reads the time 12:00.’

True. It does. ‘But try speaking to it,’ I suggested, ‘ask it the time.’ Here’s the video of how he got on.

‘Wow!’ Arkwood gasped, ‘It’s a speaking clock.’

Damn right. The clock uses Microsoft SAPI for Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech, and fetches the current date and time from my OS.

‘I’ll never miss my train again,’ Arkwood said triumphantly. Off he went to bed, with the Oculus Rift attached to his head.



I designed the clock in Blender with the help of tutorial Blender Modeling – Electronic Alarm Clock.