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Glass. You can see through glass. Some glass. Arkwood saw through mine and rapped on the pane. Damn, what a pain! I should have pulled the curtains.

Once he had stomped his muddy boots through my hallway, he grabbed the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. ‘Let me be Neo,’ he said

He was talking about my post OpenGL emission map, where the green numbers of The Matrix burned through the wallpaper in my virtual rooms. Only took an emission texture in the fragment shader of my C++ Microsoft Visual Studio application (with OpenGL and the Oculus SDK for Windows).

But what I really need is some speech recognition, so when Arkwood says “I am The One” those green letters of The Matrix show themselves. The post Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) with C++ should help, triggering the use of the emission map once SAPI has recognised the phrase.

So here’s the video of Arkwood pretending to be Keanu Reeves at the end of The Matrix film:

Fantastic! The phrase “I am The One” is recognised and the emission map of green numbers is applied to the ceiling, walls and floor.

‘The Matrix is like glass,’ I said to my buddy, ‘You just can’t hide behind it.’

Arkwood pressed the palms of his hands together in prayer and placed them in front of his chest. ‘The Matrix, it will always be there,’ the said prophetically.

And so he is.