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Arkwood laced up his hiking boots. Pounding his weedy hairless chest he announced, ‘Time for some fresh air in the great outdoors!’

I asked him where he was going.

‘Down the shops for a packet of fags,’ was his reply.

I told him to put on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset instead.

I have updated my C++ Microsoft Visual Studio application (harnessing the Oculus SDK for Windows) to render an OpenGL skybox.

The Learn OpenGL article Cubemaps has all the detail. It explains how to pass the six textures of the cube to the fragment shader, ensuring that the translation is axed from the view matrix and the depth buffer puts the skybox behind all other objects.

Here’s the video of Arkwood exploring the wild and vast landscape:

‘Why does the sea have wooden containers floating in it?’ he asked impertinently.

‘It is a lake, not a sea. And the containers are floating in the air!’ I snapped. ‘Anyway, haven’t you got a hike to the shops to do?’

And so he left the house and hailed a cab. The virtual exercise had left him short of breath. Quite puce.