In better times…


And the books that destroyed me…

Plastic Halo (a Hong Kong adventure novel)

The Inscrutable Diaries Of Rodger Saltwash


26 thoughts on “About”

  1. May I enquire – what was it about those books that destroyed you?? They sound very interesting from the titles.

  2. Hola Senorita,

    Well, Plastic Halo was simply to be my memoirs from Hong Kong, mixed in with some creativity. But now i can’t remember the fact from the gruesome fiction! Rodger Saltwash became an attempt to cleanse myself of the madness, but things just got worse. This blog is my last hope 🙂

    • Hello, well that explains it! I certainly hope you find less madness whilst blogging! For a last hope, it’s pretty good 🙂 Anyway, I always encourage and endorse a bit of madness, the world would be pretty dull without it after all. Bex

  3. Really liked your project saltwashAr. Would love to try it and contribute if possible.
    Could you help me in the errors that I have run across. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  4. I am working on an Augmented Reality Project. I have used Open CV using Python for eye detection. Now I need a digital image to be over layed on to eyes lenses that are detected using Open CV. I have some queries regarding this project. I’d be much happier if you could drop me an e-mail so that I can discuss my project with you.

    Thanks in Advance.

  5. RD, Hello.. I too have lived in HK and have written a book or two and have been involved with music. Am now hoping to do an AR project and my research led me to you. Would be great to talk…

  6. Sankara Subramanian said:

    Hello. I am currently working on a Augmented reality project related integrating smart devices and need to ask few queries. I Would be much obliged if you could help me. If you could email me , We could have a chat on the problems and solutions for my project. Thanks for your time.

  7. @rdmilligan,
    you are a scholar and your madness is contagious.
    Would have time to help a 60 y/o (that’s me) who is learning Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Python at the same time. I want to follow in your footsteps and see how much madness sticks. I have a OpenCV code that detects me winking. I have a Blender object that has shapekeys for blinking. I want the my OpenCV code to detect my blinking and cause the object in blender to blink. Can I do this?
    Suggest steps for me.
    It will be my honor and privilege if any of your readers respond too.

    • Yes, you can import variations of your blender object into a Python application – OpenCV can then detect blinking and OpenGL can render the appropriate variation. I’ve put together SaltwashAR – a Python augmented reality app – which might help (plus done tons of posts on this sort of stuff). I’ll drop you an email. Would be interested in what you are doing with Machine Learning and Deep Learning. As for madness, technology is certainly the gateway – I have tried others but nothing sticks like the code 🙂

  8. Praneeth said:

    hi, thanks for sharing your knowledge.I am an undergraduate student and I have some question about detect hand gestures in open cv.it is couldn’t mention over here.so I appreciate if you could send the email address to me. it will be a great help to my research project
    thanks in advance.

  9. Anonymous said:

    Respected Rodger Saltwash,

    Your page is just Brilliant!! I am using it very much
    And I learn lots of stuff from you.

    Thank you

  10. Talha Mubeen said:

    I am working on Augmented Reality project knows as Lego DigitalBox, or Lego Augmented Reality, and I looks like you can help me in achieving my goals, I need a very precise guideline in order to achieve my goals, I hope that you’ll be willing to help me out.

    Just type “Lego augmented Reality” and that’s what I am trying to make exactly.

  11. Loïc Brunot said:

    Hello RD,
    Great ressources.

    I experiment with OpenCV and WebGL. With OpenCV ecerything works great. But at this time I’m completely lost to transpose openCV values to WebGL.
    Could you have a little time if I ask you some questions by email ?
    Thanks a lot.

  12. salaheddine laouar said:

    hi, thanks for sharing your knowledge . . i need your help for detection shapes real time

  13. Fong Saykao said:

    Hi, I’m new to AR but have limited knowledge with Python. It will be wonderful if I can get some guidance from you during my first program on AR.with Python. Please let me know whether you will or not, and what are your term if any.

  14. Hello, thank you for your sharing. i am a student and recently i have a project which is related on raspberry pi and python. This is my first time to learn this, i have some question about it, so would you mind i ask you by email or other platform? Thank you very much

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